When provisioning your server with Nesabox, you can select the databases applications running on this server are going to need. The options available are:

-> MongoDB v4.2

-> Mysql v5.8

-> MariaDB v10.13

-> Mysql v8.0

-> PostgresQL v11

After the server provisioning process, the root or admin passwords for the installed databases are emailed to you.

Managing databases

You can manage each of the databases you installed from your dashboard directly. Select the server, and you'll see tabs for each of the databases.

Server databases tabs


You can add unlimited MongoDB databases right from your dashboard. All you require is the name.

Mongodb Management

You need to add new database users to this database to be able to be able to access it. When adding a database user to a database, you can give the user only READ access.

Mongodb database users management

You can also delete users and databases. Before deleting databases, make sure no sites are connected to them.

MySQL 5.7 / MySQL 8.0 / MariaDB 10.13

For these databases, when adding a new database, you can as well add a database user and password to access this database.

For security, It is recommended to manage one database with only one user.

You can also add database users directly, and select the databases the user has READ/WRITE access to.

SQL user